Talbot Watermen Association, Inc. Official Statement

As an organization and a Watermen Community, Talbot Watermen are facing a tough time as many of you are learning about our past treasurer’s embezzlement. Please realize that we appreciate all of the support you as a community have shown. You can  be assured we have taken the appropriate steps to ensure all future donations and money raised is protected in order to accomplish our goals.

This is the Talbot Watermen Association, Inc. official statement:

Lisa Gowe’s criminal charges are the result of n investigation by the Maryland State Police. The investigation was requested by our Association when we discovered discrepancies between information provided between Ms. Gowe and information provided by the bank. We were shocked and disheartened to learn that our once trusted treasurer was, in fact untrustworthy. Since learning of the apparent embezzlement, we have consulted with attorneys and accountants, and have instituted new financial controls and oversight. We are saddened by our past treasurer’s action, for her family, for our members, and for our supporters throughout the community. We have asked the State’s Attorney to seek restitution as a component of the criminal prosecution process.