Boat Docking Contest 2014

300468_240268346012433_5174523_nThe 2014 Boat docking held 3 classes plus a shoot out.

Prizes for  Small Boat, Large Boat and Teams were

$1000.00  First Place

$500.00  Second Place

$300.00  Third Place

Trophies were given in all classes

All boats that did not win a class received $100 for fuel. Boats coming longer distances received $150.00.

Shoot Out Class was Winner Take all!  A boot was passed around for prize money. Plus a Large Trophy


1. Captain and First Mate Required

2. $ Lines must stay attached to Docking Fixture on the pole for a time

3. Absolute No Arguing about times.

4. Please be as careful with dock and poles as can be.

5. First Mate may not touch controls, steering or lines in the Large and Small Boat Classes.

6. Best of 2 runs will be you final time.

7.  Classes 30 ft to 39.11 ft will be small boat

40 ft and up will be Large boat.

Team docking and shoot out will be all boats.

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