The goals of this organization are to promote Talbot County Seafood and to support the industry through ecological as well as economic measures that seek to revitalize the Chesapeake bay.

Talbot County Watermen catch various species of seafood,depending on the time of year.Crabs,Clams and fish are out summer bounty,while oysters,clams and fish have traditionally been our winter fisheries.

In recent years however,watermen have had to become politically  active. By working together with our legislators and DR officials we have worked hard to support legislation that would improve water quality,thus insuring a healthy Chesapeake Bay for all Maryland citizens.                                                                        

Our organization is compromised primarily of watermen,their family’s,and industry related occupants such as processors,truck drivers,restaurant workers, and other marine related activities.We welcome all citizens who are interested in preserving our Chesapeake Bay and all its natural resorces to join us in this effort. The Talbot County Watermen’s association believes that with you support as well as the cooperation of the DNR and our local legislators we can work together to restore the Chesapeake bay thus preserving our heritage and our way of life.


To join the TCWA

Individual Membership $20 a year                                                                                             Mail to :

Business Member ship $75.                                                                                                             TCWA

Any questions please call                                                                                                                   P.O. Box 234

Lisa Gowe                                                                                                                                                   Neavitt, MD 21652


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